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. More Info If erection problems you are still not consistent, there are periodic, but before each act of intercourse you are afraid you may suffer a failure, and you can not hold intercourse, it will not hurt you some tips. Tip One - stop thinking about the penis and the erection does not control the state of his penis, or visually (eye) or physiologically - listening to their feelings, whether the penis swells. Forget about your penis, and the erection. Council second - do not be afraid to meet new lovers. With a new partner you all can get much better than the old one, which already knows about your weak erections. When sexual neurosis, as described above, the more a man tied to his partner, the greater the likelihood that it will have a paradoxical reaction.

With a new partner can be a normal erection. Council third - discard aspirations necessarily have an orgasm and ejaculate when you are alone with a naked woman. Tip four - during sexual intercourse concentrate on the body, beauty and charm of your partner, use all the psychological and biological relizery that enhance the excitement with all the senses - visually (by sight), enjoying the body of your partner's tactile (using touch) - touch hands, lips and tongue, the contact of your skin and her, touch her breasts, back, buttocks and belly, kisses and gentle biting her nipples. The sense of smell - the smell of skin, hair and genital lubrication, too, has a sensual pleasure. The taste of her saliva and lubricants - too erotic. These erotic relizery and excite you. Tip five - at the time of intimacy, use the entire arsenal of erotic fondling.

Invent new affection. Find new erogenous zones of women. Perhaps she has a walking area, stimulation of which would give her an orgasm, even without intercourse - many of these cases. The larger partner fondles woman, the more she likes viagra price. No women are indifferent to their oaths, if a partner for them emotionally significant. More prolonged phase of fondling and more inventive than the partner, the more it appreciates a woman and the stronger the sexual arousal, and therefore enjoyment. The more a woman aroused by caresses, the more excited men.

Sixth Council - believe that you will give partner a lot of fun even without the use of the penis, if you're sexually altruist. Board of the seventh - a perfect Master the technique of oral sex woman (cunnilingus) to continuously deliver any partner untold pleasure. Healers, Taoists recommended for men "kissing vulva women lick clit tongue, grab it with his lips and gently suck, caress tongue labia and vagina, piercing his tongue as deeply as possible, until she would be flooded with liquid during its orgasm. " If this happens, then your problem is resolved, there will come an erection, and you can easily enter into her vagina, and if not, too, okay, then it will happen a little later. Eighth Council - Focus on the desire to give a partner the maximum satisfaction and experience with cunnilingus many orgasms in one night how much she can until she does not ask for mercy. Board of the ninth - if you love your constant partner and do not want to look for another if you are experiencing sexual attraction to her - then use the whole arsenal of erotic fondling with respect to it, if you had not practiced them. Awaken her sensuality, if you previously did not succeed.

Keep yourself in bed with her as if you're new together. If you give her the opportunity to enjoy, she will forget about your erection and will be fully satisfied. And the results will not be slow to follow. Most likely, you will sooner or later there is a good erection. But even in this case is not fixed on it - do not try to support it and do not be afraid to lose her. If you learn how to satisfy a woman - an erection will for you in last place. Next, when you completely get rid of their fears and gain confidence in yourself, you decide whether you should practice sexual intercourse, or fellatsio for you is much more preferable.

Council of Ten - once you become a permanent partner for its best lover, who regularly gives her the opportunity to experience orgasm during cunnilingus, then you can ask her about oral sex (fellatsio). If you love her and she loves you, and your sole problem is the impossibility of sexual intercourse, then none of loving a woman partner caresses and gives her the opportunity to enjoy - not abandon reciprocal affection. Women are always grateful to the men for their tenderness and consideration of their interests. You'll be rewarded for their affection with caresses your partner's response, when it will fellatsio, and you'll both be happy and satisfied with each other. Board of eleven - at the outset be absolutely sure that sooner or later you'll get both components of sexual harmony - will be satisfied with themselves and be able to satisfy his partner. Council of the Twelve - if you are sure to want to use coitus, then you can use the soft-input, which is recommended in the tao of love. It means that a man can enter into his partner without an erection, but with a little help from his fingers.

"If a man is experienced enough, has a deft fingers, - wrote the Taoist Zhang Chzhunlan - he can maneuver even completely limp phallus entering it into a woman, and at the same time give her and yourself the pleasure of it. Soft input may even be a new exciting moment for women, if it's well done. As soon as the phallus is inside it, there is considerable likelihood that it will be tight. " The most convenient posture for a soft entry are some options poses "on the side of face to face or posture," the man above. " For a successful soft-input woman must be quite excited that her brain to get know the best viagra price. If it is not enough (for some women it's pretty sparse), then you may need artificial lubrication. It is best to use oil as a natural product, safe and effective.

If you do not want to devote to this woman, then rub cooking oil on the head and shaft of the penis and get the same effect. The key point is dexterity of your fingers, which should be able to enter the penis into the vagina of your partner. Describe this technique in the book is impossible. With some practice you will be able to learn this. Once you manage to enter the penis, fingers need to create a ring at the base of the penis, the compression of which you can adjust yourself. With this is achieved by squeezing the veins, which impedes blood flow, and penile erectile tissues fill with blood, it swells. Once achieved at least a semi-rigid penis, you can begin cautious frictions.

Since the beginning of frictions in most men, if they do not have serious organic causes of impotence, erection occurs because the friction of the vaginal wall is a strong stimulation for the onset and progression of erection. Philosophers tao of love writing that the technique of soft input is useful not only for men with erection problems, but for all men, because no one can be sure of a permanent erection. It is also suitable for skilled and for unskilled lovers. Newbie it reduces the risk of embarrassment - Taoists believe - as an experienced decreases failure rate. Knowing the method of soft input, any man to get rid of the fear of lack of erection, especially if he has a new partner if he is tired or weakened physically. "The method of soft input - writes Zhang Chzhunlan - divides two pieces of persistent myths about sex. The first says that a man can not enter into a woman, has not yet reached an erection, the second - that the occurrence of erection should be strong enough.

" Council thirteenth - though you do not have love, trust and understanding, if you're in each other emotionally not interested if the partner is not causing your sex drive if you are confident that she will not help you overcome your problem and will never agree on other options for sexual satisfaction - then there is nothing for it but to find another partner. Do not be shocked by such a council. Leading domestic sexopathologists (overseas - even more so) for certain sexual disorders and spend with a patient model of correct behavior on the search and selection of a suitable partner. Search criteria are individual character traits and understanding partner, and not accessible partner. Even if the search will be carried out by "trial" and "error", and the patient will be some failures, sexologists believe that it is a lesser evil than the continuation of the old stereotype of sexual relations, which can only exacerbate the disorder. Perhaps this is the real way to get rid of your problem, if the loss of erections associated with some or psychological reasons - lack of understanding with a partner, interpersonal conflicts or wrong, offensive to your behavior when you have suffered a setback during sexual intercourse. If your present partner have developed a very negative attitude, if you believe that fix your relationship is no longer possible and you are hopelessly lost confidence and understanding, and it will never meet you, to help fix the status quo, then, instead of worrying feel helpless and humiliated close to such a woman, and all this only further exacerbate the situation - much easier to not bring themselves to stand impotence and sexual neuroses, and find another partner, feminine and affectionate, which will respond with gratitude for your kindness and will treat you with bias.

This advice applies to unmarried men who have a mistress, but do not marry because of fears that they could not satisfy her in marriage, and yet are afraid to get acquainted with other women due the same fears. He refers to men who do not have a permanent partner and avoid sexual contact with women, fearing to be untenable for sexual intimacy. In these cases, a good sexual partner may help to overcome many doubts. This problem you can solve on their own. If you are not married, then try to find a partner with a wider range of acceptable sexual relations, and if you are married - then try to convince my wife, if you have a good relationship and she is ready to go to meet you. Men who are married, if they are interested in preserving the family, but failed to change their own views on a range of acceptability of wife erotic fondling, refer to the sex therapist, along with his wife. From a specialist, both spouses will receive expert advice if erection problems can be solved with the help of sex therapy.

It is not excluded that, after spending some fellatsio partner, and you will feel full lover of the fact that they regularly satisfy her with cunnilingus, eventually you have a good erection even without fellatsio. You will be able to overcome the problem with erectile dysfunction continue to be able to carry out sexual intercourse, if you want it. But many men are familiar with fellatsio, prefer this method of satisfaction, if partner has no objection, and if a man has a right to choose. Not impossible that you, too, in the future will prefer oral sex sexual intercourse. Giving his partner the opportunity to know the lowest viagra price, and obtaining her satisfaction with fellatsio, you will no longer fixated on his erection. And this is the most important hurdle that most often prevents a man to achieve a normal erection. Again, the more a man is fixed in its erection, the more he had with her problems.

Even in cases of persistent impotence due to organic disease, if treated by sexologist has not brought the desired success - the man can still satisfy a woman in any other way, if it is this aspect of the problem it is the most important. And the majority of partners react to this is perfectly normal, especially young women who are more relaxed about sexual matters. Moreover, many of these will be extremely happy, as most women, if they have a choice, prefer oral sex normal sexual intercourse. If you remember, in the chapter on erogenous zones it is said that women with klitornym orgasm - polavlyayuschee majority, just a lot of our men do not know and somehow trying to meet a woman just by sexual intercourse. Men's ability to make long-term sexual intercourse is considered to have the great advantage of our compatriots. In the first chapters of books have already said that this is not an inherent quality of a good sexual partner. What is the viagra price per pill?

Sexual intercourse should only about one in ten women (or each fifteenth, that is not so much), and in many cases, prolonged intercourse painful for women with orgasm klitornym option - initially it may be nice, but then some women it's even annoying, and they dream to intercourse quickly ended, as it gives them nothing, except the friction and pain. Some women even pretend. that orgasm to partner quickly finished boring intercourse. And most women do not need a long intercourse, at least for sexual gratification. Connection genitals more need for the psychological satisfaction of women that everything was "as expected", if it adheres to traditional views. Modern young women are "traditions" are indifferent, for her important - an orgasm. And in what way it is achieved - it is a matter of technique and skill partner.

Young sexually uninhibited partner's demand that a man, first of all a good command of technique cunnilingus. Even if a woman's vaginal orgasm option, but erotically aroused woman will never give up, if the partner offers caress the clitoris language. If you previously were fine with erectile dysfunction, but because of some psychological reason you suffered a setback during intercourse, and to further the fear of a repetition of this, the above tips will help you overcome your fears. If you get rid of their fears and beliefs that the erection and sexual satisfaction - this is the main purpose of the knowledge about the viagra price online. But if sexual arousal disorder becomes consistent, then only an expert can identify the true cause. Many men suffer from an inferiority complex because of its weak erection, but are afraid to go to a sex therapist. Do not be afraid to visit a doctor there is nothing demeaning.

You go to your doctor when you have a stomach ache or heart. Why should be ashamed of the treatment to the doctor about the violation of sexual function? This is as vital and integral function of the body, like digestion or the work of the heart. Sexologist examine you and conduct a complex of therapeutic measures, if necessary. For many men, it seems demeaning the impossibility of sexual intercourse, even if they are able to achieve satisfaction in another manner. Therefore, in order to ensure the men had the opportunity to choose the most preferred method of sexual satisfaction and feel master of the situation must be qualified treatment from a specialist. However, in itself an appeal to sex therapist for many men - a big psychological trauma by 100 mg viagra price.

Some can not decide on this and prefer to be alone with their erectile dysfunction. It is hardly advisable. If the violation has an organic basis, it can only help the professional. If an erection is weakened or absent due to any organic causes, then, of course, requires careful examination by a sexologist. And after a cause of doctor will prescribe the appropriate treatment. This principle is called the pathogenetic treatment - that is aimed at removing the cause disorder, rather than the correction of the disorder. After successful treatment of the pathogenetic man can live a normal sex life, using all means of sexual gratification, which he prefers, and which are desirable for their partner.

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