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Being Fat Is Your Fault! Take Inches Off Your Waist With A Healthy Diet And A Simple My name is Kris Campbell and not too long ago, I was standing in your shoes. I had some excess body fat that I wanted to lose, but I just couldn’t seem to get those stubborn pounds to come off. Even with all my training in nutrition and biology classes, nothing seemed to work. That is, until I discovered a simple little secret. You see, a very short time ago, I started a new job. They provided us uniforms and asked for my sizes. I told them my waist size was 32”, which it had always been.

Come to find out, when I put my uniform on for the first time, it didn’t exactly fit like I wanted it to. I asked for another size, but since they were specially ordered, they didn’t have any larger sizes for me. I mean, when I sat down in this uniform, I thought the button was just going to burst right there. That’s when I decided I had to commit to a healthy regimen to get these pesky inches off my waist once and for all! DIETS WILL RUIN YOUR BODY UNLESS YOU STOP DIETING NOW! ts are actually VERY BAD for you. Take any diet…Let’s take fasting. You can go one day or more without eating.

You make sure that you drink lots of liquids, usually juice. Yes, the pounds just melt right off, don’t they? But you can’t go on without eating forever. Eventually you start eating and before you know it, the pounds are right back on So in a desperate panic, you try another diet. Maybe you do the low/no carb diet. You are doing well for a while and sticking to the diet plan. Then, a wedding comes up (a holiday, picnic, party, event, you fill in the blank) and you want to eat “normally. ” So you eat.

Then the next day, you may eat another “normal” meal, vowing to go back onto the diet immediately. Somehow you never get back on the diet because being normal feels so good. So you gain the weight back very quickly, PLUS MORE! Then another diet/tea/pill/powder/etc. comes along and you try it. Your weight goes up and down, up and down, like a yo-yo. Pretty soon, you become IMMUNE to dieting altogether. You get to the point where NOTHING works anymore.

You can’t even lose weight starving to death! So now what happens? Once we become immune to dieting, does that mean we just have to accept being overweight for good? IF YOU KEEP DIETING, YOU COULD PERMANENTLY DAMAGE YOUR BODY! A surprising fact:  If you keep dieting, the older you get, you can permanently damage your body to the point where you won’t be able to change your metabolism. Fad diets are nice in that you can lose 10 lbs. in a week, but what happens when you get to the point where you are immune to all diets and NOTHING works anymore? What happens when you steadily only gain weight and you can’t stop the process?

And worst of all, what happens if your heart or kidneys give out because of all of the diet abuse over the years? Or you die because of some fad diet pill on the market? There is a better way to this. You can stop the unrealistic dieting, the torture, and the depression for not having the body you want. You can stop gaining weight and quickly convert your body into a fat melting chamber by a few simple and very easy secrets that can change your life forever. So, from now on:   STOP DOING FAD DIETS AND PLANS. NEVER DIET AGAIN! It’s very easy to change your metabolism within just a couple of weeks to make it a fat melting machine There is a secret formula that converts your sluggish, over-dieted metabolism into a fat burning incinerator by eating certain foods and following a simple, “doable” system that forces your body to drop the pounds as it’s naturally supposed to.

And this is the ONLY way to keep the weight off without ever gaining it back again! A combination of a few elements can convert your body into a fat burning maniac literally overnight:  The perfect supplement formula, a “normal” diet eating normal foods in portion sizes, and an easy 20-minute dose of physical activity. Now, I told you about how I hate working my ass off, sweating up a storm, and feeling like I’m about to pass out when I exercise and I REFUSE to exercise like that ever again. I do an 20-minute workout each day which I can fit in before my morning shower, or sometimes right after work. I don’t overexert myself and the exercises are EASY but have and impact on your body! I’m not going to tell you about some b. s. weight loss pill where you can drop pounds while you sleep or lose weight while stuffing bon-bons in your face.

I’m actually going to tell you the about how you can eat normal, exercise with ease, take special supplements and look like you’re a star on This is what we’ve all been looking for. Yes, some diets work. But can you really, honestly stay on ANY diet forever? Would you want to? Do you really want to be left out of social events? Would you rather eat celery sticks than cake at a birthday party? I didn’t think so. I’m going to show you how you can have your cake, eat it, and lose weight too!

The Weight Is Over! “The Weight Is Over: The Real Reasons Why You’re Fat and How You Can Conquer Them For Good” is the new book that I’ve just put together to assist you with all of your weight loss goals. No, this is not the same as all those other books that just tell you to "eat this and not that". This book answers the question, “WHY”? , that most other books don’t. It isn’t enough just to tell you to eat certain foods because it’s good for you. I explain exactly why you need all of the different food groups every day (including fat! ) and how your body uses them to keep you healthy.

It also isn’t enough to tell you to exercise everyday because you need it. In this book, I explain all the benefits of exercise that you may not even have thought about……and then some! See, simply telling someone to do something doesn’t usually inspire people into action. I believe that if you know exactly why you are doing what you are doing, you will be much more inspired to stick to your goals for the long term. You will learn so much from this book because I have taken the knowledge from my time in medical school and incorporated into this book on weight loss. It’s a double whammy! You get everything you need to know about losing weight the HEALTHY way as well as valuable information on how your body works to help you lose that weight. Here’s some of what is contained in “The Weight Is Over”: Þ -- There is so much confusing stuff out there about diets and surgery.

This chapter sets the record straight! Þ The real dangers of diseases related to obesity -- Diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and colon cancer are much more serious than you think. Don't put yourself at risk. are keeping you fat, and how to overcome them -- These 3 physiological processes worked great to allow our pre-historic ancestors to survive, but due to humans' rapid evolution, these same processes are now making you fat and killing you slowly! Þ Examples of super foods that keep your metabolism up all day -- Þ Specific examples of substances to stay away from -- The food manufacturers have been LYING to you and lacing your food with hidden chemicals that is destroying your health. Find out what they are in this chapter. Why simple, light exercise can go a long way -- Long, laborious, olympic-type workouts are out! Quick and easy, to the point workouts are in.

Find out here. Þ How to get started on a healthy diet and simple exercise plan -- Þ My SECRET WEAPON that burns inches off right before your eyes (and it only takes 10 minutes! ) -- You've certainly does this before, but most likely not for exercise's sake. You won't believe how simple it is and once you start doing it, you'll notice that your pants are looser on you in just THREE weeks! Þ MUCH, MUCH MORE BUT IT DOESN’T END THERE! For a limited time only, I am including my second book “Banish The Brain Fat” for you absolutely This book contains revolutionary techniques on how to change the way you think in order to help you lose weight. It’s been proven time and again that what you think about the most eventually appears in your life. Let's face it, excess body fat gets in the way, makes you tired, gasp for air, etc.

, etc. Your brain is no different. The "fat" in your brain is negative thought! And you need no part of it. If you want to lose your physical body fat, you need to start by getting rid of your "brain fat". will show you just how to do it. If you constantly think about being fat, you’ll stay that way. If you always whine and complain about being bigger than you want to be, you’ll stay that way.

Fight these devilish thoughts with the techniques in “Banish The Brain Fat”! In fact in this book, I’ll explain: -- The word "motivation" has been used incorrectly for so long. It's very different from inspiration. Find out why. · How to fight “mind viruses” that keep you from achieving success -- You can't have a healthy body without a healthy brain. Vaccinate your brain now. Even trick your brain into thinking that your body is already thin! · -- This is crucial to your weight loss success.

Find several tips and suggestions in this chapter. · How to use a powerful 15 minute meditation to see super fast results -- Meditation is very misunderstood yet it is so simple and powerful. Read up on it here. This is not one of those silly books that claims that all you have to do is think happy thoughts and the weight will fall right off. The truth is that, in order to lose weight, you MUST eat right and exercise. There isn't any way around it. "Banish The Brain Fat" will help get your mind right and make it much EASIER for you to actually eat right and get up and exercise by providing specific techniques and inspiration! So what are you waiting for?

IT’S NOW OR IT’S NEVER! STOP MAKING EXCUSES FOR NOT GETTING OFF THE COUCH AND LOSING WEIGHT THE HEALTHY WAY! How many more failed diet and exercise programs are you going to subject your poor body to before you realize that none of it works? How many more fad diets are you going to do and how much more damage are you going to let your body sustain? How many more health risks are you willing to take? Remember, the next time you pop another fad diet pill or fast on some liquid diet, you are setting yourself up to gain tons of unnecessary weight that you will someday never be able to get rid of. You can that nonsense now! You can stop dieting forever and finally drop the pounds while eating normally.

Nothing can be easier than this! Order now and start tomorrow. Within 8 weeks you will have the perfect beach body. Don’t wait around for another failed New Year’s Resolution. Do it NOW! See you at the beach! P.P.S.  This is NOT another “fad” diet program. This is a real weight loss system to change your metabolism and to finally give you that beach body for the rest of your life.

Yes, you can still eat ice cream and “normal” meals and at the same time, lose all the weight you want. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD YOUR COPIES NOW! These books are digital products. They are 100% downloadable. You will receive a physical book in the mail.

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